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Cork Leather Backpack

د.إ 1,650.00
Handmade backpack in genuine leather, with embroidered mark. Multipurpose backpack has 4 internal pockets: a thermal pocket to carry up to two rackets; a large pocket, lined in peach skin, to carry textiles and accessories and two small pockets to store personal items. Exclusive model, 100% Portuguese. Limited stock! Weight: 1400 gr. Dimensions: 35x53x50cm.

Cork Leather Racket Cover

د.إ 690.00
Handmade in genuine leather, with a breathable thermal racket pocket and a pocket for small belongings. Exclusive model, 100% Portuguese. Limited stock. Weight: 500 gr. Dimensions: 50x29x5 cm

Cork Ordinary Backpack

د.إ 275.00
Made of PVC and Nylon. Multipurpose backpack, has 4 internal pockets: a thermal pocket to carry up to two rackets; a large pocket to carry textiles and accessories; a small pocket to store keys and wallet; and at the base, a breathable pocket for sneakers. It also has 2 external pockets to put balls and water bottle. Weight: 850gr. Dimensions: 35x53x50cm.

Cork Ordinary Thermobag

د.إ 400.00
Consisting of PVC and Nylon. It has 2 thermal pockets with a total capacity of 4 rackets. It has a pocket in the center and this has an internal pocket. At the base of the Termobag has a breathable pocket for the placement of sneakers. It also has two small pockets on the sides. In total it has 7 pockets all with zipper, for better organization Weight: 1400 gr. Dimensions: 63x43x50 cm.

Cork Premium II

Original price was: د.إ 1,499.00.Current price is: د.إ 1,099.00.
The perfect racket for advanced or professional players who are looking for the best performance for every point scored. A high-quality product that allows you to play powerful strikes with great precision and comfort.

Cork Supreme Control

Original price was: د.إ 1,749.00.Current price is: د.إ 1,299.00.
A top-of-the-range racquet!  Suitable for professional or advanced-level players who seek perfection at every point. Cork Supreme are super competitive! Therefore they are the choice of the national paddle champions Miguel Oliveira and Vasco Pascoal. Bold than ever! Besides the roughness that characterizes them, they have little golden touches on the cork cover, which gives these racquets an imposing and unique look.