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Vibora Bamboo LiQ Edition 2023 Racket

د.إ 995.00
The new Vibor-A Bamboo Liquid Edition racket is now available at Pādel Nuestro The Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 from the

Vibora Bamboo LiQ Edition 22 Racket

د.إ 870.00
Vibor-a Bamboo Liquid Edition 2022 padel racket is a padel racket for advanced level players who love control in their game.

Vibora Black Mamba LiQ Edition 2023 Racket

د.إ 1,010.00
INTRODUCTION OF THE RACKET We present the new version Black Mamba Liquid, the model VIBORA BLACK MAMBA LIQUID EDITION 2023,

Vibora King Cobra LiQ Edition 2023 Racket

د.إ 1,210.00
The VIBOR-A KING COBRA LIQUID EDITION 2023 features a prominent MADE IN SPAIN stamp. This top-of-the-line racket is designed for

Vibora King Cobra LiQ Edition 22 Racket

د.إ 1,080.00
The Vibor-a King Cobra Liquid Edition 2022 boasts top-notch materials and advanced technology, making it one of the premier rackets

Vibora Naya LiQ Edition 2023 Racket

د.إ 920.00
The Vibor-a Naya Liquid Edition 2023 padel racket boasts a weight range of 355 grams, making it a popular model